Production of 3D models on the modern equipment, reverse engineering, creation of virtual models and much more

DMP Factory 500

3D Systems

Materials: : AlSi10Mg Build volume:: 500х500х500 mm

DMP Factory 500 (DMP Technology)
Building area 500x500x500 mm - using powders of aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg.

Concept Laser M2

GE Additive company

Materials: : stainless steel 316L, EP648 Build volume:: 225x225x280 мм

Concept Laser M2 (SLM)
Build volume is 225x225x280 mm, printing by 316L stainless steel powder and nickel EP648 alloy of domestic production.



Materials: : Ti6Al4V, heat-Resistant Nickel alloys Build volume:: 1000х800х650 мм

InssTek MX-1000 (DMT)
Build volume is 1000х800х650 mm, printing by Ti 6Al 4V powders and Nickel based alloys

ProX DMP 320

3D Systems

Materials: : AlSi10Mg, Ti6Al4V Build volume:: 275х275х420 мм

3D Systems ProX DMP 320 (SLM)
Build volume is 275х275х420 mm, printing by AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy powder, Ti6Al4V titanium alloy powder is planned to be used

EOS M 400-4

Electro Optical Systems

Materials: : CoCr, Stainless steel Build volume:: 400х400х400 мм

EOS M400-4 (SLM)
Build volume is 400х400х400 mm, printing by CoCr alloy;

EOS M 290

Electro Optical Systems

Materials: : CoCr Build volume:: 250х250х325 мм

EOS M290 (SLM)
Build volume is 250х250х325 mm, printing by CoCr alloy;

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