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Additive technologies (AT) in the production of family aircraft engine compressors

A unique international training program for advanced technologies in additive manufacturing “Additive Minds” has been launched in Russia. The project was organized by the Additive Technologies Center (ATC) of Rostec State Corporation.

Russia has become the fourth country to join the global additive technology training program “Additive Minds”. Mentors and tutors are practicing engineers with experience in leading European companies.
"Industrial 3D printing is becoming one of the mandatory attributes of modern industry. It allows to speed up the production cycle more than twice, reduce the number of elements of the final part, it is more economical and environmentally friendly. We see the high potential of this technology and are actively implementing it in our production. For example, the United Engine Corporation already produces about three tons of parts per year using additive technologies. Of course, the use of additive technologies in the industry will expand and require more and more qualified employees. To do this, we have joined the global Additive Minds program, which allows us to train people who will be able not only apply innovative production methods in the production but also train other employees. A total of 120 highly qualified specialists will take part in the training",- Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec, said.
Specialists of the aviation sector of the Russian industry became the main participants of the program. They will take a course consisting of three modules within the year. They will study the practical aspects of producing parts using additive technologies, as well as take a theoretical course on 3D printing. The team of specialists will be divided into four profiles: additive manufacturing design engineer, quality engineer, production engineer and business process engineer.
As a result, 40 participants will receive expert diplomas, and the top 20 participants will receive instructor diplomas with the right to teach additive technologies in their companies. The practical part of the training will be conducted on the equipment provided by the Additive Technologies Center.
"The Additive Technologies Center is an advanced company aimed to work for development of the Russian aviation industry and beyond. By teaching specialists the latest technologies we create a base for the transition to a new technological way of production in general and form a single ecosystem for the introduction of additive technologies into existing production," – Vladislav Kochkurov, CEO of JSC ATC, said.

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