Additive manufacturing using modern equipment, 3D scanning, 3D model optimization and much more

3D scanning

Additive manufacturing of any part always begins with a 3D model.

3D scanning is used in various industries to automate the search for defects and control the parts size.

Our Additive Technologies Center uses the most advanced 3D scanning equipment: the Atos ScanBox 4105 Optical measurement system based on the ATOS Capsule 12M

Flexible hardware configuration allows to scan any object with the highest accuracy.

Overall dimensions (mm) Overall dimensions (mm)
1600 х 1200 х 2100
Max size of the part (mm) Max size of the part (mm)
up to Ø 500
Max part weight (kg) Max part weight (kg)
Electric power Electric power
Standard, 100-240 V (1-phase, 16 A)
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