Additive manufacturing using modern equipment, 3D scanning, 3D model optimization and much more

Design and adaptation for additive manufacturing

Our Center provides a full range of services for:

A. 3d modeling

3D modeling is the process of creating virtual models that allows to demonstrate the size, shape, design and other characteristics of an object with maximum accuracy. It is the creation of three-dimensional images and graphics using computer programs.

B. Topological optimization

Topological optimization (TO) is a computer-aided design method that helps to get the optimal shape of the product under specified operating conditions. The implementation of this method into the design process allows to reduce the time, to use the capabilities of both traditional manufacturing methods and additive technologies more effectively.

C. Adapting the 3D model of the product to the requirements and capabilities of 3D printing. The customer gets a product design ready for printing by chosen technology.

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