Additive manufacturing using modern equipment, 3D scanning, 3D model optimization and much more

Training. Audit. Consulting.


Additive Technologies Сenter works with the best specialists in the additive manufacturing and has extensive professional experience in the implementation and application of additive technologies in various enterprises.

One of the most important part of our work is the organization of training sessions and master classes on additive technologies and their applications.

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Our specialists can also conduct an audit of the customer's company in order to identify the need for the use of additive technologies and 3D printing, which allows to identify the economic efficiency of using additive manufacturing methods at an early stage.

JSC ATC offers several levels of additive audit:

1. Pre-screening of parts.

The customer fills out a specialized application form. Our specialists study the parts selected by the customer (from 5 to 10 parts), help the customer to choose the material and method of 3D printing in order to get the best economic effect.

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2. Deep screening of the customer's nomenclature.

The customer receives input data on the capabilities of additive technologies and, basing on this data, the customer selects the maximum number of parts and gives it JSC ATC for further study.

Our specialists study each part in detail and give suggestions on how to apply AT to each part. At the output, the customer receives a detailed information about each part and the production price using additive manufacturing methods for comparison with traditional production.

3. Full audit of the customer's company.

Our specialists come to the customer's enterprise and screen the full range of the products. The customer also receives recommendations for topological optimization of products in order to improve parts characteristics (reducing weight, combining assemblies into a single part, reducing machining, reducing the price).


A more comprehensive approach to the implementation of 3D printing and additive technologies.

JSC ATC together with the customer's specialists develops a strategy for the implementation of AT for the use in a particular enterprise. It includes a full audit, an initial training course on the basics of additive manufacturing and calculations of the economic efficiency of implementing additive manufacturing methods.

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