In accordance with the Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation, in 2019 JSC ATC formed a corporate Quality Management System and adopted Quality Policy which is the fundamental Document regulating Quality Management System of JSC ATC.

A key element of the Document implementation is the ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality Management System (QMS) of JSC ATC.

The introduction of JSC ATC’s QMS, meeting the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 requirements, is a strategic decision designed to improve the Company’s performance and provide a solid foundation for sustainable developing initiatives. The Certificate also provides a higher level of partners and customers’ confidence in the company.

In addition, the valid Quality Management System and a confirming Certificate reduce the risk level when fulfilling contractual obligations to the Customer.


Customer satisfaction questionnaire

for JSC ATC’s products

Other issues
Your information
Contact information about the consumer company
Assessment on a 5-point scale of customer satisfaction with the company's products
Evaluation criteria
Comments / suggestions*
Compliance of the products quality with the agreed requirements (terms of the contract)
Timely delivery of products
Availability of information about our products
The efficiency of dealing with the request
Prompt consideration of comments and complaints about quality
Prompt consideration of comments and claims on the terms of the delivery
Satisfaction with the packaging and accompanying documentation
Evaluate our organization as a reliable supplier
What's most important to you when choosing a supplier of products (move in order of importance) ?
The reliability of the supplier
Long-standing connections
Supplier's image
Territorial proximity
Do you have any suggestions for improving the cooperation between our companies (if so, what ones)?
Data of the person who filled out the questionnaire

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